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WHY OMEGA PDF Print E-mail


OMEGA is accredited through TAC - Transworld Accrediting Commission International. www.transworldaccrediting.com


OMEGA is officially registered with the Louisiana Board of Regents.


Omega has no hidden costs (or tricks) concerning life or transcript credit awarded. In our literature, we’ve made an effort to express in clear terms all the conditions, policies, etc. in everyday language. Some schools are guilty of “giving full credit for life experiences” and then charging a student for credits that should have been free. For example, when a seeker (or potential student) is told by a school, “You don’t need to take any courses, you already have enough life credits for your bachelor’s degree to enter our Master’s program, only mail us a check in the amount of $2,000.” The seeker becomes elated and excited, being convinced his/her prayers have been answered. Their check is immediately mailed to the school. Eureka! A degree has been sold, but nothing was required of the graduate. Schools (i.e. Universities, Seminaries, Colleges, or Institutes) that use such practices are called “Diploma Mills.”


Diploma Mills may be either secular or religious institutions. They have gained the title “Diploma Mills” because they are known to “pump-out” degrees fast with little or no study requirements expected of graduates. Omega has never been guilty of misleading people in such a manner in order to make some “quick money.” We not only believe in accountability (or integrity), we practice it! We are proud as faculty members to be part of an educational institution that is honest and adheres to high standards.


We realize that not everyone will choose Omega. Usually, it is not due to Omega’s tuition costs, faculty, reputation, etc. It’s because Omega Degree Programs require more perspiration (sweat) than inspiration. Omega receives telephone calls daily from individuals who are looking for full credit, without taking any course studies. However, we at Omega are all about LEARNING! We consider our mentoring role as God appointed. We enjoy what we do and we try to do it as best we can. Once a student enrolls and begins to learn, they feel good about their decision.


Every student is special to us and prayer-time is scheduled daily for student needs. We consider ourselves godly men and women who are concerned about our students. Occasionally, faculty members pray via telephone with some students, while other students may receive a friendly note of concern. We strive to be personal and in touch with students as often as possible. Our HOT-LINE is TOLL FREE and may be used by officially enrolled students during office hours. As Omega faculty members, we take students by the hand and lead them into a deeper dimension of learning they never knew existed. Once a student earns their degree, they are not ashamed of their Alma Mater, they proudly march down the aisle to receive their degree with a smile. This makes us happy, because we have played a significant role in the direction of a graduates life.

We hope you are one who is eager to learn and willing to earn a respected degree. If so, we are prepared to help you. WELCOME TO AN ADVENTURE IN LEARNING!!

Sincerely, Our Best Regards
The Omega Faculty

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