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POLICIES & ETC... PDF Print E-mail
OMEGA is accredited by TAC
Transworld Accrediting Commission International
OMEGA is not nationally or regionally 
accredited by the government. 
We are confident in our accountability through
TAC accreditation.
OMEGA Bible Institute & Seminary
is officially registered with the
Louisiana State Board of Regents


Associate of Biblical Studies
A student must verify evidence of graduation from high school or evidence of completion of a (GED) General Education Development.

Bachelor of Biblical Studies
A student must verify evidence of graduation from high school or evidence of completion of a (GED) General Education Development.

Master Level Programs
A student must complete all requirements of the Bachelor of Biblical Studies (or its equivalent). Secular Bachelor degrees do not qualify, but some credits may transfer.

Doctorate Level Programs
A student must hold a Master’s degree in a biblical field such as Religious (Christian) Education, Biblical Studies, Theology, Ministry, Divinity, etc., (Secular Master’s degrees do not qualify, but some credits may transfer)


If a student has completed prior college work that is equivalent to a comparable course, it may be permissible to transfer credit hours into a degree program.

Requirements for transfer are:
* Courses transferred into any level degree program must have a Grade of C or better.
* Courses which may be transferred must be comparable to the courses in the degree program in which you are applying.
* An Application & Ministerial Resume must be sent directly to Omega for review.
* Upon enrollment by evaluation of application and resume, a student must mail transcripts to Omega within 30 days.
* Only credits earned prior to enrollment will be considered for transfer. (Any courses taken at other institutions, seminars, workshops, retreats, church training, etc., while a student is enrolled will not be evaluated for transfer credit in the program the student is currently enrolled in. However, a student may request an evaluation of these credits upon enrolling in a higher degree program.)
* Courses being transferred must come from approved or recognized institutions.
* Each request for transfer is reviewed by an academic committee.


In some cases, a student may possess life experience but lack transferable credit hours. In such cases, the academic review committee will determine the number of credits allowable. The academic committee may utilize a variety of assessment tools in determining if the life experiences are equivalent to the objectives of a course. Some of the assessment tools utilized may consist of: Subject Challenge Test-Outs, Professional Portfolio Review, Professional Reference Review, and other assessment tools. (SEE PAGE 25 FOR A DETAILED LIST OF TRANSFERABLE LIFE EXPERIENCES.)


Omega has the right to deny admittance to any applicant based on the following:
* A history of violent and abusive behavior
* Differences in doctrine
* Mental Instability
* False statements on application
* Poor credit history
* Other reasons/or conditions not listed in the aforementioned above


In order to receive a quick evaluation of your education and life experience, simply fill out (hand-written or typed) the Application/Ministry Resume, Doctrinal Views, and Degree Program forms and fax them to us for a decision by phone within 24 hours concerning credits awarded, costs, payment schedule, etc. You may fax the résumé to (318)345- 0350. (This is a 24 hour fax line.)


* Career / job-related activities
* Church pastorate
* Military service
* College course / degrees
* Church activities/courses requiring study
* Radio / TV experience
* Community volunteer activities
* Authoring of book (s), religious articles
* Sunday school teacher
* Seminars/indiv. courses
* Occupational training
* Correspond. courses
* Counseling
* Missionary travel
* Developed Bible school
NOTE: Any such experiences/studies must be documented in writing when submitted. Providing false documentation or information is grounds for immediate dismissal.


Students who have difficulty with spelling, reading, writing, or comprehension may be required to take one or all of the following courses. There is no charge for these studies and no credit is awarded.
*Correct English - *Comprehensive English - *Spelling - *Better Writing Skills


All coursework submitted for degree studies become the property of Omega. Coursework will not be returned, so you must make a photocopy for your own records.


Omega reserves the right to substitute any course at any time for any reason. The likelihood of Omega substituting a course is rare, however, occasionally a book goes out of print and this forces Omega to substitute.


It is the student’s responsibility to notify OBIS when additional time is needed to complete a course. Omega’s guidelines for completing courses are: All 2-4 credit hour courses should be completed within an 8 week period; All 6 credit hour courses should be completed within a 12 week period; Each thesis should be completed within a 16 week period. Students are allowed 2 extensions per course based upon approval from the Academic Review Committee for extenuating circumstances. If a course is submitted within 30 days after the date of the second extension due date the student will receive an automatic grade point deduction. However, if a student is given 2 extensions and has not submitted the course within the 30 days following the 2nd extension due date, the student will have to retake the course and pay a $75.00 fee to retake the course.


Omega has the right to expel any student for the following reasons:
* Violent & abusive conduct directed toward Omega faculty or staff
* Immoral conduct unbecoming a Christian
* Repeatedly displaying an obstinate (i.e., not able to be taught) attitude
* Mental instability
* Other reasons/or conditions not listed in the aforementioned above


If a student fails to complete his/her degree by the following degree program deadline, he/she must reenroll under the current prices and forfeit all monies previously paid. If this occurs, the student will be given credit for courses taken, and the remaining courses not taken will have to be paid under the current catalog prices.

Degree Program

Associate Degree
Bachelor Degree
Master Degree
Doctor Degree
Ph. D. Degree


3 years after enrollment
5 years after enrollment
3 years after enrollment
3 years after enrollment
4 years after enrollment

The above deadlines may be decreased depending on the number of credits awarded upon enrollment in the degree program.


Degree Program


Price Per Credit Hour


Monthly Payments

$85.00— $115.00
$85.00— $115.00
$85.00— $115.00
$85.00— $115.00
$85.00— $115.00


Students electing to pay for their coursework on a monthly basis will be charged a late fee if the tuition payment is not received in our offices by the 15th day of the month.

NOTE: Repeated late payments and/or failure to pay on a student contract may adversely affect your credit rating. If a student becomes 60 days past due on payments, grades and courses will not be shipped until the student’s account is made current.


It is the student’s responsibility to notify OBIS when officially withdrawing from a degree program. Refunds are determined from the official date of withdrawal as follows:

100% if WD is before issuance of coursework
75% if WD is within 30 days of acceptance
50% if WD is between 30-60 days of acceptance
0% if WD is after 60 days of date of acceptance

You will not be allowed to withdraw from the contractual agreement after 90 days of enrollment.


Omega at present is conducting all of its courses non-traditionally, and thus does not have any housing available for this school year. However, Omega will be offering limited on-campus courses this Fall on a first-come, first-served basis. Call for more information!


Omega Bible Institute & Seminary admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic orgin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activitites generally accorded or made available to all students. Omega does not discriminate because of gender, race, color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of educational policies, admission policies, scholarships or loan programs (if made available), athletic or other school-administered programs.

Omega Bible Institute and Seminary expressly reserves the right to change without notice all information contained herein; including, but not limited to, the following: fees and tuition, policy and procedures, degrees offered, required coursework and course offerings, and/or degree/academic requirements.

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